Nutri’zaza: A Social Business Combating Malnutrition in Madagascar


Nutri’zaza: A Social Business Combating Malnutrition in Madagascar

December 2012 For 14 years, GRET has been fighting early childhood malnutrition in Madagascar by educating mothers and distributing infant flours through the hotelin-jazakely restaurants for babies. On September 26, 2012, the founding general assembly was held for the social company Nutri’zaza, created by GRET and four other shareholders […]

This social enterprise works with awareness-raising and nutrition education for families by neighborhood organizers with prior training. The development of a complementary food of high nutritional quality: Koba Aina. This flour is made from local ingredients (with the exception of vitamins and minerals) by the company Taf. The creation of an original distribution network: restaurants for babies, the hotelin-jazakley. Organizers there prepare and sell gruel made from Koba Aina.

With four partners, Taf (the Koba Aina manufacturer), APEM (a local association), and two French investment funds, I&P and SIDI, GRET elaborated the procedures necessary to create Nutri’zaza. As a limited company under Malagasy law, Nutri’zaza adopted the three pillars of the Nutrimad project and is managing and developing the hotelin-jazakely network. A five-year business plan was written, and financial balance is possible for a network of roughly one hundred hotely. Nutri’zaza’s creation received start-up funds from the Agence Française de Développement and capital investments from five shareholders.

The challenges and impact over the next 5 years:

  • build 60 new hotely in poor areas in the space of three years;
  • set up shop in 25 new communes;
  • extend sales of Koba Aina to other distribution circuits;
  • provide complementary foods to more than 150,000 children (and notably children from poor families);
  • create 200 organizer jobs
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