Andiamo delivers a medically effective orthosis within 2 weeks of a person’s need globally. Using big data, 3D printing and an advanced clinical service that puts the families first.They build healthcare solutions for disabled children to ensure that no child anywhere in the world has to wait more than a week for their medical device.

Andiamo is able to send people out to the home of a patient and do a full 3D scan of the body, ready to be sent off for printing. The orthosis produced is usually more lightweight and a much better fit than one made from a plaster cast. The company is intending to eventually cut the production time down to 48 hours.

Andiamo is working on establishing a cloud-based clinician network, giving specialists access to patient measurements and data sets for rapid iteration.


Naveed Parvez, CEO

Naveed worked for the NHS delivering the then world first Choose and Book service. He was at a 3D printing conference for industrial machines and thought that this could be applied to orthosis.

Samiya Parvez, CFmO

Samiya was their child Diamo’s main carer. She works on the development and direction of services for disabled children, young people, and key policy makers in the borough. They also provide support families through sharing experiences and building networks.


The number of people that need orthosis in the UK is approximately 2.1 million per year. That’s growing by 6 percent compound annual growth. Worldwide, with very rough estimates, it’s at about 100 million per year, and that’s also growing. About 80 percent of those people are somewhere where they can’t afford or access the services that they need.

There aren’t enough clinicians in developed health economies, let alone in other developing nations. When you start to look at the numbers you start to realize that we’re never going to catch up. We’re never going to train enough clinicians to solve this problem, so we’ve got to come up with other solutions. Andiamo is planning to license its 3D printing software to clinicians all over the world.