Now Money


The Story

Now Money makes it easier, quicker and cheaper for unbanked people to send money home.

They have used the latest financial and regulatory technology to create a solution which not only provides accounts to those previously excluded, but is also free from fraud and makes money transfer cost effective, quick and simple.



Katharine Budd, Co-Founder

Katharine is experienced across international retail banking, consulting on the consumer product and credit card propositions for major banks across the UK and Middle East.

She has a proven track record in product launch and expansion and played a vital role in launching Cardlytics, recently IPO’ed with a valuation of $285m. After a few years living in the UAE, Katharine realised that a digital banking solution was possible for the “unbanked”, and she co-founded NOW Money.

Ian Dillon, Co-Founder

Ian was educated at Cambridge and Exeter Universities. Whilst at Cambridge, Ian started a successful e-commerce business which he exited in 2013.

Prior to founding NOW Money, Ian began his career at HSBC in London, New York and Madrid on a fast-track management programme, working in retail and corporate banking and FX, before taking a management role within investment banking capital markets. After seeing innovative banking solutions coming out of the UK and US, and seeing first-hand the opportunities arising from the huge unbanked population in the Middle East, Ian moved to Dubai in 2015 where he co-founded NOW Money


  • Mobile, branchless, fee-free accounts in the GCC for the first time
  • Solution for the 86% of the MENA population who are unbanked
  • The first fully licensed digital remittance solution for the GCC’s $100bn+ p.a. outbound remittance market